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ADN – Wealth Management

What we do for you

As a multifamily office, meeting the needs of our customers is our only job. We rely on a deep expertise in the service of individuals and wealthy families to offer you the best advice and multidisciplinary solutions for your personal situation.

Our approach

Your accountants, tax specialists and lawyers created your financial structure. Our primary role is to work together with them to optimize the structures already in place while improving the tax performance of your assets. When it comes to financial planning, the team makes all the difference.

  • Tax reduction
  • Increase in assets
  • Greater financial autonomy


The ADN experiment

When you are a ADN customer, you benefit from a level of service and personal attention that is hard to find elsewhere. We take the time to get to know you, your life and your family – the financial issues as well as the personal goals – and we will work in partnership with you to ensure your success.


  • A reduction in your taxes;
  • The best suppliers and products according to the quality / cost ratio;
  • Maximization of your net worth through tax optimization;
  • Efficient management of the risk / return ratio of your investments;
  • Support in achieving your goals;
  • A secure heritage.

High level flexible services

Tax optimization

We offer you innovative, risk-controlled investment solutions and first-class customer service that save you tax.

Portfolio Management

We maximize the profitability of your investments by making a judicious combination of managers to give momentum to your projects.

Protection and insurance

You will benefit from our expertise in risk management and in the selection of tax-advantaged products selected from the largest Canadian insurers.

Intergenerational transfer

We guide you to seize the opportunities and understand the complex concepts of wealth transfer and estate planning


We offer you a simple and convenient way to manage your donations of
charity allowing you to leave a lasting legacy.

Your team

Yvan Boisvert

Yvan Boisvert


Antony Lessard

Antony Lessard


Charles Garant

Charles Garant

Assistant, Business Development

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